Delta Star Trading System

A Review of Delta Star Trading System – Is it trustworthy?

Like every midnight infomercial that claims to be your path to infinite riches, Delta Star Trading System is a product that sounds shady and sub-standard, and is probably about as accurate as flipping a coin.

What is the Delta Star Trading System?

The Delta Star Trading System is an automated investment trading program owned by a Forex trader named Mike Wallace, who claims to have developed a method to of online investment trading that would reap outrageous returns. According to him, he once attended a seminar by an economist named Peter Davidson, and was inspired to create this product.

Features of this Product

The Delta Star Trading System retails for $87. It purports to be capable of analyzing real-time investment opportunities via trade signals. One can expect to receive anywhere from five to fifty trade signals, and these can be sent directly to one’s email address if so desired.

These trade signals help a customer determine what sort of stocks or commodities he is to buy and sell in order to make a profit off of them; with especial emphasis on the Foreign Exchange (Forex) Market.

Besides Forex markets, this device can apparently also be used for futures, binary options, metals, stocks, and more types of trading.

The Opportunity

Beyond the Forex trade signals software, Delta Star also offers an affiliate opportunity. Through ClickBank, the company offers a sort of partnership program with 50 to 60 percent commission rates.

When you are the affiliate, you have to promote Delta Star. You have to generate leads via your own ClickBank affiliate link, and then you will earn commissions on your referred customers.


It is absolutely ill-advised to take the Delta Star affiliate program. Any revenue earned from a good marketing affiliate program would usually be on products proven to be effective, which Delta Star is not.

Moreover, a casual inspection of this company’s website reveals that it is registered in the name of a fictitious Mr. John Le, whose address is a sham and whose phone number connects to a music store in Buffalo, New York. As if this is not enough evidence against Delta Star, the profiles in the testimonials have obviously been lifted off the Internet.

If you are interested in a legitimate marketing affiliate opportunity, applying to Delta Star Trading System is a terrible idea.  So proceed at your own risk!

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